Call, email, text or stop by and experience the difference at Method CrossFit.  Each member is more than just a number, you are an athlete, family, a friend and are treated as such.  Please do not hesitate to contact me with any questions about CrossFit or how to get started at Method CrossFit.

Nate | owner | head coach

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The coaches at Method CrossFit are invested in you.  Our passion is to help you reach your health and fitness goals.  Together we have over 22 years of combined coaching experience and over 15 years of dedicated CrossFit coaching experience.  Our main focus is your experience at Method CrossFit.  We want to make sure you are challenged, supported and coached throughout every workout.  Our job is make sure you move safely and correctly, and to scale and modify movements, reps and loads to maximize your workout.  Your job is to show up and try your best. 

Method CrossFit is a large family, built on support, accountability and hard work.  Every athlete is held to the same expectations and the coaching staff demands perfect technique to ensure safety and proper range of motion.  Each class is lead by an experienced instructor.  We start with a thorough warm up, move on to a skills session and then get ready for the workout.  The class ends with a cool down and stretching.  The workouts at Method CrossFit are constantly varied.  We do not neglect any facet of training to help you reach your full athletic potential.

CrossFit is a performance based strength and conditioning program.  We focus on increasing the body's power production by combining endurance practices, body weight skills and lifting techniques.  Losing weight and looking better are by-products of hard work, consistent training and proper nutrition.

At method, you are coached and motivated to achieve your goals.  Every minute of every class you will have the best coaches to assist and teach you the safe and correct ways to lift, push, pull and move.  Intense exercising is only part of what we offer.  Nutrition is the foundation upon which we build athletes.  We offer nutrition help and guidance as part of our training.  We believe you are what you eat and you perform accordingly.

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